Collection of chocolates “Rūtos šokolado meistrai”, 230 g


“Rūtos šokolado meistrai”, a unique collection of 20 chocolates, was born out of focus on every detail: the taste, the condiments, the package.

The collection features a whopping 10 different flavours of chocolates that have the following fillings: mango, champ-krem, peanut butter, green tea, strawberry, cheese and fragrant tangerine, pistachio, bitter chocolate, marzipan with pecan, and beer.

The hard cardboard box is matched exquisitely well to its elegantly designed sleeve, showcasing all of the sweets.

  • Unique combinations of chocolate and condiments
  • Assorted chocolates in 10 flavours
  • Luxurious design
Ikonėlė stilizuota rožė rankoje ir šalia laikrodukas

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