Collection of chocolates Rūta’s Chocolatiers. THE STORIES OF CHOCOLATES, 100 g


One hundred years of experience and expert attention to detail creates timeless flavours… The collection of chocolates Rūta’s Chocolatiers. THE STORIES OF CHOCOLATES features 4 premium chocolates that pair impeccably with soft pistachio cream and invite you on a sophisticated journey of the history of chocolate. 4 different eras are represented by 4 brands of chocolate: the subtly bitter dark, the creamy milk, the sweet white, and the lightly sour Ruby. Discover your duo of perfect taste!

Ruby is a new, 4th brand of chocolate. It is a special chocolate that enthrals you with its unique freshness of berries and sweet delicacy. The unique colour and playful fruity notes are born naturally, without the use of any dyes and fragrances. The substances that give the chocolate its fresh berry flavour and colour occur naturally in Ruby cocoa beans.

  • 4 brands of chocolate with a soft pistachio cream filling (12 sweets)
  • NEW! Unique chocolate Ruby (with no dyes and berry flavour added)
  • The elegant box includes a booklet about the 4 brands of chocolate
  • Subtly luxurious package design

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