Set of sweets Children’s joy


f you want to make a little person happy – your child, grandchild, or maybe your significant other – then this box of sweets is for you. In the box you will find the most favorite sweets of the little ones, which the little recipient will definitely not resist and will definitely remember this gift for a long time.

We suggest choosing this set of sweets as a gift next to flowers. We will deliver this set of sweets Children’s joy in Klaipėda and the entire Klaipėda district.

The Children’s Joy set includes:

Barni cookies with filling (150g)
Milka milk chocolate, various flavors – 3 pcs.
Cookies Milka (135g)
Dragee m&m (90g)
Cocoa cookies OREO (176 g)
Waffle bar KINDER BUENO (43 g) 2 pcs.
Chocolate egg KINDER SURPRISE (20g) 2 pcs.
Chocolate and nut cream NUTELA (230g)
Gummies – berries (200g)
Gummies Haribo (100g) 2 pcs.
Candy MENTOS (38g) various flavors 3 pcs.
Lollipops CHUPA CHUPS 3 pcs.
KAKÉS MAKES tea 20 packs.

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