Chocolate collection Gintaro kelias, 405 g


The collection has been designed in cooperation with the internationally acclaimed amber experts Virginija and Kazimieras Mizgirys. Their Amber Museum with its remarkable exhibits of Lithuania’s “gold” has inspired Rūta’s confectioners to create uniquely genuine amber – and seashell-shaped sweets.

In this collection you will find chocolates with surprisingly unusual fillings of natural pollen, passionfruit puree, Mascarpone. The box also contains a booklet bearing the legend of the origins of amber, two original cards, and a feedback flyer.

In this two-tier collection, you will find 11 chocolates and toffees with different flavours and the fillings of Mascarpone, marzipan, passionfruit puree and white chocolate, hazelnut and marzipan, hazelnut and rummy raisins, Marsala wine and white chocolate cream, bitter chocolate cream, hazelnut and flakes, and natural pollen, as well as crispy toffee dices with ginger.

Bronze Medal winner in the “Top Product” category at the 2010 international Prodexpo show.

Diploma winner at the 2008 international expo AgroBalt.

Gold Medal winner at the 2007 Lithuanian Product of the Year competition.

Ikonėlė stilizuota rožė rankoje ir šalia laikrodukas

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